In order to meet the demand for sustainable packaging, certain Cold Chain Packaging materials are being regulated and, in some cases, outright banned. Manufacturers must take these new trends into account while remaining compliant with existing temperature profiles for food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and other products.

Join Packaging World for a free webinar to help you understand how your current cold chain packaging compares to newer options. Hear from experts like Michael Parks, Packaging Manager at Veritiv Corporation, Mark Riley, Cold Chain Specialist at Veritiv Corporation, and Andrew Dailey, Vice President of Jones Non-Woven Fibers as they discuss how to adapt your packaging to support your brand, lead change, and implementing sustainable options for the future.

This webinar will also cover the following topics:

- Current Cold Chain materials may not be available in the future due to regulations
- Understanding the testing protocols required to validate new sustainable options
- Insights to understand the capabilities of new sustainable options

*If you’re interested but not able to attend the live broadcast, register anyway and we’ll send you a link to the recording and presentation slides once they’re available.

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Andrew Dailey
Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Jones Nonwovens
With 40 plus years of business development experience in textiles and nonwovens markets, Andrew has worked at multiple levels of relationship management including distribution, mass merchant retail, and national consumer and commercial brands. He brings unique talents developed in direct management of launching new product and new market programs involving production and converting of conventional and nonwoven textiles. Most of Andrew’s years in business development have focused on creation of value-add using sustainable raw material inputs including recycled post-industrial textile by-products; repurposed textile remnants and product development using plant-fiber based materials. In the last 5 years, he has worked with packaging brands and distribution to transition cold chain packaging insulation use from EPS foam to sustainable plant-fiber based nonwoven insulations using cotton, wool, and BAST fibers including Hemp and Jute.
Michael Parks
Packaging Manager, Veritiv Corporation
Michael is the thought leader for packaging at Veritiv and speaks to trade groups on a variety of topics, from Six Sigma, Lean, Supply Chain Management and others.
Mark Riley
Cold Chain Specialist, Veritiv Corporation
Mark has more than twenty years in the food chain packaging industry, from running a high-volume food processing plant, to consulting with companies of all types.
Matt Reynolds
Editorial Director, Packaging World
A respected and trusted journalist in the packaging community, Matt Reynolds became Editor of Packaging World in 2018. With PMMI Media Group since 2014, Matt's earlier career included editorial roles at Baking Management, Modern Baking, and multiple machine tool and fabrication publications. He was also Editorial Director of PMMI Media Group’s OEM magazine. Reynolds received his undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois, and he holds a MS in Journalism from Roosevelt University.
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