In the manufacturing sector, businesses persistently face the urgency to adapt to the new innovative changes in technology to keep up with demand and stay competitive. The demand for cobots is steadily rising across all industries. By taking over the dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks, cobots continue to prove their effectiveness in industrial applications by enabling companies to fill labor gaps. Have you been struggling to find qualified workers for your production line? Join us to know how cobot application solutions can help you tackle labor shortages quickly and easily with innovative changes.

During this webinar, sponsored by Universal Robots, you will learn:

  • Why automation matters
  • How to decrease risk of automation with cobot application solutions
  • How to overcome challenges of automation tasks


Kendra Patton

Key Accounts Manager for Palletizing - Americas, Robotiq

Kendra has 7 years experience in the Industrial Automation industry, working on various projects to eliminate customer pain points. Working with collaborative robotics for over half of her career, she understands the market fit. As Palletizing Expert at Robotiq, she focuses on end of line deployments using the Robotiq Palletizing Solution and Universal Robots cobot.

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Webinar: How to Tackle Labor Shortages Quickly with Cobot Application Solutions by PMMI Media Group