The reusable, refillable packaging revolution is gaining momentum. How can you as a CPG take part, and which of the four prominent models will work best for your product and brand?

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, four distinct reusable packaging models have emerged in recent years. The models either ask the consumer to do the refilling on their own at home via refill containers, or to return an empty container so the CPG can do the refilling. Consumers are also asked to either complete any container return duties from their home via the mail/e-commerce, or to go into a retail store setting, or perhaps a return or refill kiosk, to refill or return the containers while on-the-go.

So which model below is best for your brand or product? We’ll find out during this Packaging World Live webinar.

- Refill at home
- Refill on-the-go
- Return from home
- Return on-the-go

*If you’re interested but not able to attend the live broadcast, register anyway and we’ll send you a link to the recording and presentation slides once they’re available.

Brian Bauer
Circular Economy & Institutional Partnerships, Algramo
Brian is able to move between academia where he co-instructed an Applied Circular Economics course at Harvard for 4 years and the startup world where he leads Circular Economy & Institutional Partnerships at Algramo. He applies his knowledge in sustainability, technology & policy into creating value by leveraging the circular economy movement into business model innovation. He connects a network of experts keen to collaborate on innovative upstream waste management solutions. He is keen to explore how plastic packaging can be used in a circular manner that provides the benefits of plastic, without the impacts of mismanaged plastic waste. He is proud to have had his proposals win Algramo: Top Idea in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s $1 Million Circular Design Challenge, MIT Solve Circular Economy Challenge, and First place in the National Geographic's Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge.
Sean Busch
Co-Founder, Puracy
Meet Sean Busch. Sean has a long relationship with clean. Really long. When most kids his age were spending their days getting dirty, Sean started his first cleaning business at the young age of 15. Cleaning exotic cars until he could see his reflection in them. A self-admitted clean freak... he has been scrubbing, washing, soaping, mopping, wiping, and formulating ever since.

He started Puracy when his wife was struggling to have a baby, so nasty chemicals were clearly off limits...and his dog kept getting sick after licking the just-cleaned floor. This inspired everything that came next.

And now with two kids, one dog, and four white chairs... he keeps creating new products as his family keeps creating new messes.
Annika Greve
Business Development, Loop/TerraCycle
Annika Greve heads Loop’s Business Development team. Loop, which launched in 2019, is TerraCycle’s circular reuse. Loop enables brands, retailers and consumers to transition from linear to circular solutions. Annika joined TerraCycle in 2020 and leads the brand and retail strategy for the North American and European markets, focusing on new partnerships.
Matt Reynolds
Editorial Director, Packaging World
A respected and trusted journalist in the packaging community, Matt Reynolds became Editor of Packaging World in 2018. With PMMI Media Group since 2014, Matt's earlier career included editorial roles at Baking Management, Modern Baking, and multiple machine tool and fabrication publications. He was also Editorial Director of PMMI Media Group’s OEM magazine. Reynolds received his undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois, and he holds a MS in Journalism from Roosevelt University.
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